Here are a few suggestions that will help you ease into your freshman year.

– Explore the Campus – Get to know the campus and surrounding town. Find out where
everything is. Learn about campus activities and where they take place.

– Keep Your Grades Up -Go to class! That is why you are there! The best way to keep

those grades up is to make the effort and put in the time, and go to class. Most professors
will only allow one or maybe two absences so bank them when you need them. Playing
catch up with your coursework is no fun.

– Get enough sleep- – Develop a regular sleep pattern- at nights if possible. Daytime sleep
can affect your body clock and impair your judgment.

– Work with your coach- – Your coach is your valuable ally and resource to develop a
happy life balance and attitude as you transition into college. Keep scheduled calls and
work the action plans. Remember, your coach is there to help- use him!

– Learn to be a college student – Give yourself time to get used to being a college student; don’t try to figure it all out yourself (that is why you have a coach). Utilize all the seo one click services at hand like learning & career centers, the library and study groups.

– Get involved in clubs – A great way to start getting active socially. You will get the chance to meet new friends, do something you enjoy and take your mind off of your coursework.

– Make at least two friends in each class – Smile; try to get to know people in your classes. It’s always good to make at least two friends in each class in case you have to copy notes. You can also study together.

– Get to know your professors -This is very important! – The best step you can do toward getting a good grade. Meet with them so they can get to know you and you get to know them. Meet up with them after class or schedule to see them during office hours.

– Manage your finances; – Your freshman year of college is probably the first time you will be managing your own money. Create a budget and stick to it and stay away from those college credit card offers, they can be nothing but trouble! Just by getting accepted proves you have it in you to be wildly successful in college. Take these suggestions to heart, stay focused and enjoy your college experience. This is a great time in your life!

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