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MRT also provide coaching for Indian Armed Forces, Army, Navy (AA, SSR), Air Force (Group X,Y), AFCAT, SSB (Interview for NDA) and Merchant Navy exam preparation for all the young aspirants.

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Highly qualified and experienced faculty offer Practical, Systematical with latest and Modern Technology toMRT students in written and SSB-Interview process.

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Here is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to the honour and glory of your motherland, as a defender of the sovereign skies become a part of the noblest and most selfless of professions the Indian Air force , where you pledge to protect the frontiers of our airspace, where your bravery, daring, grit and the never-say-die spirit are tested each and every day in every conceivable situation to bring out the best in you. A career with Indian Air force would mean becoming are air warrior ready to face the challenges.

Merchant Navy

Without the Merchant Navy much of the import-export business may grind to a halt. The ships today are highly sophisticated and technology intensive safety and efficiency of the ship are crucial and depends upon the professional ability, competence and dedication to duty, of a sea fairer, onboard the ship.


Coast Gaurd